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meet our senior pastor


Pastor Jerry Young came to the Fayetteville Church of God back in 1999 where he discovered a great community of people that loved the Lord but needed new direction; and that's what he did.


In 2006, with 70 members, Pastor Young moved the Fayetteville Church of God into a brand new facility with a brand new name; Fayette Family Church. With focus on family and community, Fayette Family Church would change the dynamic of the Spirit filled church in Fayette County. Since that time, Fayette Family Church has grown to a weekly attendance of close to 400 people and continues to grow with hundreds of people giving their lives to Christ.

Pastor Young received his academic and theological training from Arkansas State University, South East Arkansas University and Central Baptist College, and holds a Bachelor of Divinity with a Minor in Business. 


Pastor Young is married to Susan Young and they are blessed with two children, Marissa and Jared. 

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