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Share Your

Let the redeemed of the LORD say so, whom he hath redeemed from the hand of the enemy. Psalm 107:2

Witness the Wonders of Faith at Fayette Family Church! Has God performed miracles in your life? Do you possess a testimony that could uplift and inspire others globally? We invite you to share your extraordinary journey with us. Your experiences, when voiced, can spark hope and faith in others. Join our community in celebrating God's profound impact. Fill out the form below to share your testimony. Let your story be a beacon of light in someone's life.

Consent for Use of Testimony and Personal Information: I acknowledge that my testimony provided above (referred to as the "Testimonial") may be utilized for promoting and publicizing Fayette Family Church. I grant Fayette Family Church permission to use my name, a brief summary of my personal background, and my Testimonial as described in this document. I irrevocably allow Fayette Family Church to reproduce, display, publish, or distribute the Testimonial for Fayette Family Church's publicity purposes or other lawful uses. I consent to Fayette Family Church editing my testimony for grammatical or spelling corrections. This content may be used in various formats, including print, digital presentations, websites, or other media. I understand that I will not receive any financial compensation or other forms of compensation for using my testimony. Additionally, I relinquish any rights to inspect or approve the final product, including the text, where my testimony is included. I release and indemnify Fayette Family Church from any claims, demands, or legal actions from myself, my heirs, representatives, or any person acting on my behalf or estate related to this consent.
By submitting my testimony, I confirm that I have read, understood, and agree to these terms.

Your testimony is received and thank you for your submission.

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Watch Real People with Real Stories About How Prayer Changed their Life.

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