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Solid As A Rock- Fayette Family Church


Derrick & Erica
Derrick & Erica Kador - Fayette Family Church


Derrick and Erica Kador testify to the unity of marriage. With 27 years of shared life and service, they are seasoned, guiding couples toward enriched relationships. Derrick's leadership in the maritime industry and Erica's real estate entrepreneurship through Couture Realty show- case their dynamic integration of faith in all life spheres. Together, they provide a potent mix of practical advice and spiritual insight, empowering couples to strengthen their bonds and achieve their collective dreams.

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We are passionate about helping couples uncover God’s design for marriage, a love story that will last. Shannen Fields Braswell  is an award winning actress, producer, model, and inspirational speaker. Anthony Braswell is a pastor, inspirational speaker, content creator and leadership coach. We both lost our late spouses to terminal illnesses within 8 weeks of each other. We both made the decision to heal forward and make each day count. As we took those steps, God allowed our paths to cross and our new friendship quickly turned into our very own miraculous love story. We love to share what God is doing in our lives and together, we have launched “Uncover Marriage,” a ministry to equip couples to experience the marriage of their dreams!

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Anthony and Shannon
Les and Leslie
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Les and Leslie Parrott are a dynamic duo in marriage, and their shared mission is to foster healthy relationships worldwide.
As #1 New York Times best-selling authors and founders of the Center for Relationship Development at Seattle Pacific University, they are renowned for their innovative approach to relationship education. Their work inspires and equips couples with the tools to build lifelong, loving partnerships.

Steve Geyer


With nearly four decades in the limelight, Steve Geyer has
become an iconic figure in the realm of comedy, known for
his ability to weave humor with uplifting messages. His
journey from national comedy circuits to Christian comedy
has seen him open for celebrities, release acclaimed
albums, and tour with revered Christian music groups.
Steve's unique blend of humor and heart continues to bring
laughter and light to audiences far and wide.

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