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Growth Track - Fayette Family Church


at Fayette Family Church

Growth Track - Fayette Family Church

This is your sign...

You're one step away from unveiling your life's purpose.

In the intricate tapestry of existence, each of us holds a unique thread, a purpose woven by GOD. Embracing this sacred direction brings harmony to our soul and depth to our existence. Truly understanding this divine intent anchors our spirit and offers profound clarity in our journey. It's a compass guiding our choices and actions, ensuring every step resonates with a higher calling and enriches our life's experience. Life is full of quests, paths, and mysteries, but aligning with this divine design offers solace and a purpose in the vast dance of life.

Growth Track - Fayette Family Church
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Path of Discovery - Fayette Family Church
Discover Your Purpose

Dive deep into the heart of your purpose with Fayette Family Church's Growth Track. We're here to guide you on a journey of self-discovery designed to help you live the life God has beautifully crafted just for you. Through four thoughtful steps, connect deeply with Jesus, discover your calling, equip yourself with valuable resources, and harness the joy of serving others. Let's embark on this journey, helping you lead a life brimming with intention and warmth.

What to Expect

Growth Track unfolds in two stages


First, we'll journey inward to understand your unique essence. Facilitated by Pastor Jerry Young and Dr. Bobby Northern and our dedicated Growth Track team by your side, we'll delve into your personality traits, recognize your gifts, and set forth on a path to uncover how you can profoundly impact others.


Second, we will help you discover the profound impact you can create by joining FFC. So, you can uncover a world of possibilities where your unique talents, bestowed by God, can be utilized to fulfill your purpose and positively influence the lives of others.

Your Team Awaits You.

At FFC, our heart beats for fortifying the essence of Christ's community. Through the exploration of our spiritual passions, we're driven to ignite each soul's divine purpose, ensuring every act resonates with an eternal significance. Remember, we're all woven into God's magnificent narrative, with roles crafted to serve and uplift others.  Join our Dream teams today—because together, we can etch a legacy of difference.


There's a space here just for you. Come, be a part of our journey.

Growth Track - Fayette Family Church
Fayette Family Church
What people are saying

Veleka Douglas, Fayetteville, GA

"Good people make up any church. The church has good singing, life groups, a children's ministry, and the pastor gives you a word from God.”
Common Questions
  • What is the purpose of the Growth Track?
    The Growth Track program is specifically crafted to empower individuals in advancing their spiritual journey, fostering connections within the church community, and uncovering their unique life purpose in order to create a meaningful impact.
  • Who can benefit from participating in the Growth Track?
    We warmly encourage anyone aged 12 years and older to join!
  • What is the age requirement to participate in Growth Track?
    You must be 12 years and older to participate in Growth Track.
  • How can I get started on this exciting journey of growth and connection with Fayette Family Church?
    You have two convenient options to sign up: Online: Visit our website at and follow the simple steps to sign up from the comfort of your own space. In person: If you prefer a more personal touch, swing by our New Hire Connect Here Booth and our friendly team will be delighted to assist you in signing up. We're here to help you take that first step toward a fulfilling experience with us. We can't wait to welcome you!
  • When and where can I attend Growth Track?
    You can join our uplifting Growth Track sessions on the 1st Sunday of every month directly after our 11 AM service. We meet in the welcoming atmosphere of the Chosen Generation Youth Room. We look forward to seeing you there!
  • What's the estimated duration of the Growth Tracks program?
    You can look forward to investing approximately 2 enjoyable hours with us, and we'll even treat you to a delicious lunch as well! 😊
  • Is childcare available at Growth Tracks?
    Absolutely! You can leave your childcare worries behind because we've got it all taken care of. Additionally, we provide a nutritious meal for your little ones. Your family's well-being is our priority!
  • How do I register?
    The preferred method is through our website. You are also welcome to stop by our registration kiosk after the 9 a.m. or 11 a.m. Sunday worship services to register.
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Growth Track - Fayette Family Church
Discover Your Purpose.
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Discover Your Team.
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