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at Fayette Family Church

Join the Divine Journey with GOD'S Dream Team!

At Fayette Family Church, we see every individual as a unique mosaic of gifts, talents, and strengths - all intended for a grander purpose. These innate qualities are not just for you but for uplifting the Kingdom of GOD and enriching our community.

Embrace our church's vibrant ethos: Dive deep into understanding why GOD crafted you for his team and truly thrive by aligning your gifts to serve others.

Who Are the Dream Team?

Imagine a vibrant collective of souls, each having tapped into their deepest passions and strengths and now actively engaging in them. Whether it's setting the tone with our Host Team, mentoring the next generation with our Student Ministries Team, curating transformative moments with our Service Experience Team, or fostering community and unity with our Small Group and Dream Center Team— together, we are the heartbeat propelling the Kingdom of GOD forward.

Once you join a Dream Team, you will discover what it means to "Make a Difference" with FFC! 

Dream Team  - Fayette Family Church
Volunteers - Fayette Family Church
Our Mission

The Dream Team is committed to strengthening the foundation of Christ's community. By discovering our ministerial passions, we aim to empower each individual to embrace their divine calling, ensuring that every act of service leaves an indelible, eternal impact.

Discover Your Next Steps in Your Role in GOD'S Grand Vision!



Delve into your true self, harness your unique gifts, and start your journey to unveil your life's mission. Begin this transformative step with Growth Track every first Sunday, and discover the purpose ingrained in you by GOD.



Discover your potential with FFC. Embrace the myriad opportunities here, and let your God-given talents guide you in serving others and fulfilling your true purpose.

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