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Life Groups - Fayette Family Church


at Fayette Family Church

LIFE GROUPS - Fayette Family Church

Unite, Connect, and Thrive with Life Groups!

At the heart of Life Groups is a simple yet profound mission: weaving hearts together. We're firm believers that the essence of a fulfilling life lies in fostering deep connections with others, just as intended by the divine plan. The challenge? Finding that close-knit community where every relationship feels transformative. Enter Life Groups.


We've crafted these groups to ensure everyone finds a space that feels like home. Dive into the genuine care, unbreakable connections, and a vibrant community at Fayette Family Church. It's more than just a group; it's where we embrace life together. Explore our diverse range, from discipleship and fellowship groups to ones based on shared passions.


Mark your calendars because Fayette Family Church Life Groups blossom during two vital seasons: Winter (January-May) and Fall (September-November).

LIFE GROUPS - Fayette Family Church



A nurturing haven where women of all stages unite to deepen their faith and form treasured connections in the embrace of Christ.


Dive into the heart of Fayette Family Church with our Prayer Life Group, where souls connect, spirits uplift, and faith thrives together.


The Marriage Life Group at Fayette Family Church is a warm and welcoming community dedicated to supporting, celebrating, and nurturing couples on their marital journey.


Discover genuine manhood through the teachings of Jesus, surrounded by a supportive brotherhood in our Men's Life Group.


The Freedom Life Group at Fayette Family Church is a nurturing haven of fellowship and faith, where every journey is celebrated, and every heart finds a home.


Embracing life's golden years with faith, friendship, and shared wisdom at Fayette Family Church's Senior Life Group.


Explore faith, foster connections, and deepen your understanding of God's Word with the Fayette Family Church Discipleship Life Group.


Join our FREEDOM MARKET Life Group at Fayette Family Church, where faith, friendship, and heartfelt conversations converge.

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