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Marriage Life Group - Fayette Family Church



Fayette Family Church Marriage Life Group

At the heart of Fayette Family Church is the belief that community nurtures and strengthens us, and nowhere is this more evident than in our Marriage Life Group. We invite you to join hands with fellow couples, walking the path of matrimony, as we explore its joys, challenges, and endless wonders together. Our group is a haven of support, understanding, and spiritual growth where every story is honored, every challenge is faced with collective wisdom, and every victory is celebrated with shared joy.

Marriage Life Group - Fayette Family Church

In this journey called marriage, it's so much more fulfilling when you're not walking it alone. Surround yourself with friends who get it, with mentors who've been there, and a faith that uplifts you. The Marriage Life Group is not just a gathering; it's a family. Come, be a part of our family, and let's grow, learn, and love together in the beautiful dance of marriage.

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A nurturing haven where women of all stages unite to deepen their faith and form treasured connections in the embrace of Christ.


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The Freedom Life Group at Fayette Family Church is a nurturing haven of fellowship and faith, where every journey is celebrated, and every heart finds a home.



Explore faith, foster connections, and deepen your understanding of God's Word with the Fayette Family Church Discipleship Life Group.


Join our FREEDOM MARKET Life Group at Fayette Family Church, where faith, friendship, and heartfelt conversations converge.

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